Does artificial lawn heat up on a hot day?

Artificial lawn will heat up on a VERY hot day obviously as the grass is plastic it will heat up a little, but the better the quality of lawn is it will help with the heat.

What happens with drainage when it rains?

The matting of the lawn is perforated to allow the water to ran through, which is then laid on a crashed rock base which gives it the best drainage which will keep it nice and dry.

Can you lay artificial lawn on concrete?

Yes you can, artificial lawn can be layed on pretty much any surface including concrete. We can excavate and lay a base on just about anything

Is artificial lawn pet friendly?

Yes it is pet friendly and is resistant to most animals trying to dig and disturb the lawn and is easy to clean by hosing or scooping up any of the soil.

How durable is artificial lawn?

Artificial lawn is very durable and laid by a qualified person to have the perfect base, will mean you can do pretty much anything on it from playing cricket, football or putting up a inflatable pool it will provide the best area for any activity.

Is the artificial lawn we used Australia made?

Yes we are an Australia owned and operated business and our lawn is made locally in Melbourne.


Lighting is an very important piece of the puzzle when designing any garden landscape these days.


The look and feel is so realistic and getting a good quality lawn installed properly will last many years.


We take pride in being an independent and locally operated company. Stocked with top-rated.